EVENT Calendar: July 2024

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events.

If you miss a scheduled live session, you can access the recording later by visiting the ORIGAMIGOS HOME PAGE.

DATE: Monday, July 1 Origami Prompts for this month. Click HERE for the announcement. Fold and share on our Facebook group or email your pictures to Leyla.

DATE: SATURDAY, July 6, 12:30 PM (NYC time zone) • FOLD LIVE WITH LEYLA• MODELS: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. LIVE session where we fold together and you can ask questions as you fold. Invitation post with Zoom link and what materials to bring appears on this page here.

DATE: Week of July 8 -Video tutorials and post-release: -PLEASE NOTE: Besides attending the live session (or in case you miss it), check out a post for extra creative inspiration. Click to access the TUTORIALS page.

• DATE: Weekend of July 20, Special Origami USA Convention Coverage• EVENT PAGE >>> HERE

• DATE: Thursday, July 25th at 12 Noon (NYC Time Zone) -Conversation with Michał Kosmulski -a Unique Tessellation Designer.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (Created and Taught by Leyla Torres)