What is Origamigos?

Origamigos is the Origamispirit membership. Paper folders at any level can join to learn, connect, and share their knowledge and ideas about origami.

Who is the Origamigos Membership for?

ORIGAMIGOS welcomes paper-folders at any skill level from NOVICE to EXPERT!

  • Are you new to origami? If so, you probably appreciate origami, are curious about origami and have a desire to learn and share this art. But you also might be confused by printed diagrams or video instruction. Maybe you’ve had some challenges making the kind of progress you’d hoped for. For you, as a beginner, origami is still a little mysterious and you’re looking for guidance and support. If this is where you are on your origami path, Origamigos was made for you.
  • Have you been folding paper for a while? Do you feel like people around you don’t always appreciate your love of paper folding? Do you have a degree of origami mastery, but would like to see more progress, or variety, or inspiration in your own folding? Are you a teacher who loves origami and is looking for creative ideas to share origami with your students? Are you seeking a community of like-minded people where you can find inspiration and support to feed your ideas about personal creativity and growth through origami? If so, Origamigos was designed with you in mind.

As an ORIGAMIGOS member you will…

  • Expand and share your understanding of this art with others within the membership.
  • Explore aspects of origami as a mindful, educational, artistic, and intellectual practice.
  • Cultivate your skill in origami for creative self-expression to better connect with others and to become a better teacher of the art.
  • Elevate your appreciation in the joy in folding.

Wherever you are on your origami path, there is room and resources for you within the ORIGAMIGOS membership.

What you will receive as an ORIGAMIGOS Member...

As a member, you will enjoy an enriching and stimulating experience where you can explore and deepen your origami practice in a structured and playful atmosphere.

As foundational material, you will have access to:

  • A Seven-Lesson Guide to determine where you are on your progress toward origami mastery. Whether origami is still a bit of a mystery or if you’ve achieved a degree of mastery, these lessons will help you tune and advance your personal approach to a mindful origami practice.
  • An Origami Basics Mini-Course If you are a beginner, this origami minicourse will help solidify your vocabulary, chose papers, and guide you in learning how to follow printed diagrams or directions from videos.

What you can expect to receive on a monthly basis:

  • One origami instructional video per month as an exclusive offer to this membership. Prerecorded and posted for viewing at any time.
  • An inspirational and instructive LIVE interview every month, with an expert, who will expand and enrich your ideas about creativity and origami. It will be recorded for later viewing.
  • A LIVE group Q & A meeting with Leyla every month. It will be recorded for later viewing.
  • A Surprise Treat or Tresure, that might include printable paper patterns, an extra video or any fun origami-related item.
  • Access to a members-only private Facebook resource page to ask and answer questions and share personal creative goals and milestones.

Sign up TODAY and receive these additional BONUSES

BONUS 1 – THE JOY OF ORIGAMI • Originally Priced at $297 (Now Included at no extra cost for Origamigos members)

  • This NEW bonus, THE JOY OF ORIGAMI DESIGN COURSE, is for people who’ve had previous experience with paper folding. In this self-paced five-module course, we will unlock the doors of your creative mind and stride into an inspirational Origami Experience.
  • You will fold some delightful models with clear directions given for exploring how these models grew from initial inspiration to finished pieces.
  • By looking carefully at the creative process you will discover how to use your growing understanding of a creator’s conceptual tools as a spring-board to create new origami figures that you can share and call your own.
  • You will make step-by-step progress and emerge from this course with strategies to create origami models and with a sense of empowerment with your own creative abilities so that you can take your love of origami to the level of origami creation you have hoped for.
  • This course will cover a range of topics of interest to paper folders who want to explore ways to grow their creative practice through origami.


In Mindfulness and Creativity with Origami, we take an inner creativity and visualization journey. At the final destination, you will have created a paper souvenir, a symbol of your personal voyage. Invoking a beginner’s mind and a playful spirit, we will stop at different places of creative interest along the way and explore how to unlock our hidden inventiveness and imagination.

Here is what members are saying about the ORIGAMIGOS Membership

  • As an ORIGAMIGOS Member, you will receive all the benefits of regular membership for as long as you remain an active member.
  • The doors to the membership are open for just a few days so…

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Frequently Asked Questions

• What if I have a question not answered here?

Email your question to:

• How much previous experience with Origami do I need to benefit from this membership?

All you need is an interest in origami and a desire to learn. Origami practitioners and educators at all levels will benefit and are welcome to join.

• What technical requirements are needed to participate in this membership?

You need access the internet and be able to watch videos with audio. If you’ve used Facebook and watched Youtube videos, you will do just fine.

Is this going to be too time-consuming?

Absolutely not! I have designed ORIGAMIGOS to fit into busy lifestyles. You set your pace and level of involvement.

Is ORIGAMIGOS a course?

Origamigos is not a course. Origamigos is an educational community membership. As part of this membership, Origamigos features an exclusive monthly tutorial, a monthly interview with an expert, uniquely designed downloadable papers, and a supportive community for folders, students, teachers, and anyone else who loves origami as a practice.

In addition to receiving the monthly content, as a bonus, you have free access to two courses:

  • A mini-course designed for beginning folders.
  • A self-guided origami design course, Joy of Origami (NEW BONUS).

You have the option to take both these two courses depending on your experience and the degree of involvement you desire.

Is ORIGAMIGOS a membership for children?

Origamigos is a membership geared to teachers and adults who love to share origami with others. Children 13 and older are welcome. Parental involvement and monitoring are strongly encouraged for optimal benefit to the child.

• What is your cancellation and refund policy?

  • Payments are billed on a recurring monthly or yearly basis depending on which plan you choose.
  • The price of the membership level you sign up for will stay the same as long as you remain a member.
  • You can cancel your membership at any time.
  • Refunds are not available for payments that have already processed.
  • If you wish to cancel you must do so before the next billing date.

PLEASE NOTE: Your membership fee, when you sign up, will stay the same as long as you remain a member.

If you cancel your membership and return at a later date the amount of your membership level may reflect subsequent price changes.

About Leyla Torres

Leyla is a visual artist and origami educator who has been sharing the art of paper folding with people of all backgrounds for over 25 years. In her studio practice, she explores creativity through writing, watercolor painting, and origami. One of her passions is helping people nurture their creative confidence and foster a sense of inner calm by sharing activities that invite them to explore their imagination with minimum material investment. People of all ages have enjoyed her presentations and workshops at international origami conventions, libraries, schools, and businesses in The United States, Europe, and South America. Since 2007, Leyla has been the host of the well-loved OrigamiSpirit website and Youtube channel. She was born in Colombia, South America, and presently resides in the lovely state of Vermont, USA with her husband and teammate, John Sutton, and their cat Coco.