Origamigos Referral Partner Program

Join the Origamigos Partner Program and earn a recurring commission

for anyone you refer to the Origamigos Membership.



Who is the referral partner program for?

It’s for you if you enjoy and benefit from the Origamigos membership. It’s really as easy as telling someone you know––or someone you don’t––who’s interested in origami, about how much you’ve received from the membership, and where they can find out more on their own. That’s it.

What happens after I apply?

Your application will be reviewed and we’ll send you an email with further instructions within 48 hours. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a username and password to access a partner resource center where you’ll find resources you can use to share the membership.

How will I know if I’ve earned a commission?

In your personal partner account, there is a section that will show your commissions. If someone signs up and remains a member, you receive an ongoing commission. If a member is monthly, you receive a percentage of the membership every month. If a member is annual, you receive a percentage of that membership every year.

When will I receive a commission?

Commissions are paid quarterly: February 1; May 1, August 1, November 1. For US citizens a 1099 form will be issued for disbursements over $600 in a given year.

What if I don’t live in the United States?

Not to worry. We will make sure you get your commission one way or another.

Is this going to be a lot of work?

Fair question. If a handful of people you’ve referred sign up, it will pay for your own Origamigos membership. Another handful will buy groceries or pay an electric or fuel bill. And so on. You can put into this as much time and effort as you want. It all depends on your motivation. But honestly, if you’re talking to people who have the same interest, it would be natural to share something that’s relevant to that interest. Pretty easy, right?

What are the terms and conditions?

Yes. You can read the complete set of terms here.

I’d like to do this! What’s next?

Fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch within the next two days.

What if I have a question?