Create Magical Moments with Origami


This mini-course will teach you...

  • Where to find paper.
  • How to read diagrams.
  • A few simple models.

Origami brings joy to anyone who practices this art. If you are new to origami I will teach you the basics.

It's FREE! • It's FUN!

"Leyla is a wonderful teacher. Her lessons are clear and easy to follow. Without a doubt one of the best origami teachers I've found." Amber S., Brooklyn, NY

"I've been folding origami for years and still learned a few secrets about teaching and origami I wasn't aware of. Great material." -- William P. San Diego, CA

"You are the best origami teacher I know! What I've learned from you about origami means so much to me and nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing--giving away--models I've learned from you. Thank you!!!" --Cristina T., Rotterdam, NL