Traditional Origami Snake and Variation

Here you will find instructions to make units for the body and head for this fun modular origami snake, as they are traditionally folded. In addition, you can make a delightful variation for the tail and the head designed by Talo Kawasaki.

If you are at the Apprentice Bee Stage (Stage 1) or Emergent Frog Stage (Stage 2) make sure you know how to fold the Preliminary Base and the Waterbomb Base. To find video instructions to make these bases click here: Origami Basics Minicourse and look for VIDEO #3 -How to Fold the Classic Origami Bases •  PART A

Here is a a video tutorial demonstrating the traditional origami snake


Here is a a video tutorial demonstrating the HEAD and Tail designed by Talo Kawasaki


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Videos created for Origamigos (The Origami Spirit Membership) by Leyla Torres. Downloadable Diagrams created by ©Talo Kawasaki, shared by permission.

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