Three in One! – How to Make a Star, a Box and a Cube (S.B.C)

If you enjoy origami boxes and origami stars, my friend Wenhau Chao has created a charming and ingenious origami figure that can be turned from a star, into a box, then into a cube, Star-Box-Cube (S.B.C)

This is an easy figure and you will be delighted to follow the folding process and see the model transform.

Tips and suggestions for making the origami Star, a Box, and a Cube (S.B.C)

  • In the video, this model is demonstrated using thin kami paper, but any other firm and thin paper would be appropriate.
  • Thicker papers––such as printer or tant paper––are also suitable.
  • When folding for the first time, use a piece of paper at least 6×6 inches (15x15cm.)
  • For a variation, the colors of each side can be different.
  • Use a series of papers of slightly different sizes and colors (see the video, min 10:58) to create a rainbow effect and to nest the origami boxes.

If you are at the Apprentice Bee Stage (Stage 1) or Emergent Frog Stage (Stage 2) make sure you have taken the Origami Basics Minicourse and you have folded the Waterbomb Base

The following step-by-step video shows how to make Wenhau’s origami star, box, and cube. Thank-you, Wenhau for giving permission to present your model.

Star – Box -Cube (S.B.C)

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