Talk and Tidbits Live Meeting –July, 2022

  • Video contentsHighlights of the month themes:
    • Month at a Glance.
    • Folds from tutorials shared within Origamigos and Origami Spirit
    • Origami Composition and Storytelling
    • Origami Connections
    • Creative Exploration with Origami
    • ABC to Z Origami challenge highlights (Letters X, Y, and Z)
    • Origamigos Choice Ribbon Award: Origami Creativity -Personal Project -Nima Mankar ( ABC to Z of flowers)

Up to three people a month have special recognition from the Origamigos Team. It is called ORIGAMIGOS CHOICE RIBBON. It is awarded to members that show individual creativity and playfulness using origami, sharing origami, or creating new models.

In addition to our Highlights of the Month session, which is recorded, we turn off the camera relax and share anything related to paper folding such as origami figures that you have folded or we have received, current projects, questions, book titles, and any other resource or creative idea that we might have tried recently.

Books by Robert Neale mentioned in this meeting:

  • Origami Plain and Simple (Origami diagrams)
  • Which Came First? British Origami Society (Origami diagrams)
  • In Praise of Play (A collection of essays)