Make a Paper Shelf to Display Your Origami

This easy-to-make shelf is origami multiplied by two! First, it is made by folding a square piece of paper, and second, it is to be used as a display for the figures you make by folding paper.

The perfect way to showcase your treasures!

The designer of this shelf, V’Ann Cornelius, used these origami shelves for the many exhibitions she helped organize at the Origami USA annual convention.

We should consider her vision when displaying our origami, “To build an environment that rests on two concepts: respect for the art of origami and respect for the viewers”.

Diagrams for this paper shelf are found in Issue #92 of The Paper (The Magazine of Origami USA) and the video tutorial is presented here by permission.

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Materials Needed

  • At least two square pieces of paper (about 8.5 x 8.5 inches) cut from a letter-size printer paper.

If you are at the Apprentice Bee Stage (Stage 1) or Emergent Frog Stage (Stage 2) make sure you have taken the Origami Basics Minicourse

Tips to fold the Paper Shelf

  • One of the pieces you will be using is to create a folding template. You can use it to create shelves that have a consistent width.
  • You can use regular printing paper or a little thicker such as cardstock.
  • If you use thicker paper you might want to consider using an inkless pen and a ruler to score the paper.

How to make a paper shelf

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