Origamigos! A Membership for Paper-Folders

The doors to the membership are closed right now, but there is good news!


What is Origamigos?

Origamigos is the Origamispirit membership. Paper folders at any level can join to learn, connect, and share their knowledge and ideas about origami.

Who is the Origamigos Membership for?

ORIGAMIGOS welcomes paper-folders at any skill level from NOVICE to EXPERT!

  • Are you new to origami? If so, you probably appreciate origami, are curious about origami and have a desire to learn and share this art. But you also might be confused by printed diagrams or video instruction. Maybe you’ve had some challenges making the kind of progress you’d hoped for. For you, as a beginner, origami is still a little mysterious and you’re looking for guidance and support. If this is where you are on your origami path, Origamigos was made for you.
  • Have you been folding paper for a while? Do you feel like people around you don’t always appreciate your love of paper folding? Do you have a degree of origami mastery, but would like to see more progress, or variety, or inspiration in your own folding? Are you a teacher who loves origami and is looking for creative ideas to share origami with your students? Are you seeking a community of like-minded people where you can find inspiration and support to feed your ideas about personal creativity and growth through origami? If so, Origamigos was designed with you in mind.

As an ORIGAMIGOS member you will…

  • Expand and share your understanding of this art with others within the membership.
  • Explore aspects of origami as a mindful, educational, artistic, and intellectual practice.
  • Cultivate your skill in origami for creative self-expression to better connect with others and to become a better teacher of the art.
  • Elevate your appreciation in the joy in folding.

Wherever you are on your origami path, there is room and resources for you within the ORIGAMIGOS membership.

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About Leyla Torres

Leyla is a visual artist and origami educator who has been sharing the art of paper folding with people of all backgrounds for over 25 years. In her studio practice, she explores creativity through writing, watercolor painting, and origami. One of her passions is helping people nurture their creative confidence and foster a sense of inner calm by sharing activities that invite them to explore their imagination with minimum material investment. People of all ages have enjoyed her presentations and workshops at international origami conventions, libraries, schools, and businesses in The United States, Europe, and South America. Since 2007, Leyla has been the host of the well-loved OrigamiSpirit website and Youtube channel. She was born in Colombia, South America, and presently resides in the lovely state of Vermont, USA with her husband and teammate, John Sutton, and their cat Coco.