Live Meeting: Sat, January 16, 2021

Introducing The Joy of Origami Design Course, a (MAYOR) bonus to Origamigos Membership

In addition to sharing the highlights of the month from member’s posts on Facebook, we welcomed new members and introduced a new bonus. Now Origamigos members have access, at no extra cost, to a full 5-module origami design course called The Joy of Origami.

Video timeline and contents:

  • Min 00:00 to 01:20 Greetings and welcoming new members.
  • Min 01:20 to 09:58 Highlights of the month (Facebook posts). Links to make a DIY paper cutter, video tutorials to fold an origami book, different kinds of papers, ways to use origami, inspirational photos of how members have interpreted origami models.
  • Min 09:58 to 15:05 Recap on how “The Origami Path to Mastery” is thought of as the framework to define our relationship with origami.
  • Min 15:05 to 27:40 Introduction to The Joy of Origami Design course: What is it, how did it come about, and for whom it is.
  • Min 28:16 to 59:59 Activity –Using Origami as a springboard for conversation. Share, Show, and Tell a model Origamigos Members have folded in the last month.

Books and authors mentioned by some meeting participants:

  • Origami Essence by Román Díaz
  • Beautiful Origami Wreaths by Noriko Nagata
  • Origami Moments, by Meng Weining.
  • Fancy Origami for Practical Use by Toshikazu Kawasaki.

Links mentioned in the meeting:
Gilad Aharoni Origami Origami Page, which includes a great database of origami books and book reviews.