Expert Interview –David Pacheco, a Collection of Origami Books

David Pacheco, a native of Los Angeles, began his interest in origami at the age of six when he received Isao Honda’s, Fuji Book, as a gift.
The concept of transforming a single sheet of paper into the familiar shape of an animal, boat, bird, or hat was a mysterious challenge to him. Years later, he received Kasahara’s, Creative Origami, which fueled interest in this art form.

Eventually, he began to design his own original models though, after a few years, he set aside this creative aspect to focus on a career in Animation.

For two years David contributed to the television antics of the well-known characters of the Hanna-Barbera Studio in Hollywood.

In 1980, he accepted a position as an animator for The Walt Disney Studios. His nine years in the animation department brought the opportunity to work on animated films such as, The Little Mermaid and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He transitioned to the Disney Publishing Division where he worked as an illustrator eventually moving to the position of Creative Director.

He helped to establish the Collectible Division within the Disney Company and, as Creative Director for Disney Consumer Products, worked with all lines of business within the Company on a global basis providing creative and Archival assets and art direction to Disney regional offices and licensees. After 40 years with the Walt Disney Company, David retired in January of 2021.

Throughout the years he has continued to collect origami books, periodicals and articles, and beautiful papers. The books in his collection range from the late 1700s, the origami “classics” from the 1960s and 1970s, and the complex books currently available.

At present, the collection contains over 2200 titles and continues to grow. In this presentation and conversation, David shares his passion for origami books

VIDEO -Presentation and conversation with David Pacheco

Origami Ostrich, designed and folded by David Pacheco.

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