Expert Interview –Jen Patterson, Host of Origami Story Club

Jen Patterson is a licensed professional counselor and host of Origami Story Club, an origami-based program offered to children ages 6-11 living with Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB).
In our session, Jen hosted an Origami Story Club for Origamigos and we experienced first-hand how she uses origami to help children.
Also she shared a bibliography of picture books featuring origami as a theme. Take a look! …READ MORE HERE…

Expert Interview –David Pacheco, a Collection of Origami Books

David Pacheco is a native of Los Angeles with broad experience as an animator, illustrator and creative director for The Walt Disney Studios and Disney Publishing Division.
Interested in origami since a very early age, David has amassed a collection of origami books and periodicals that numbers over 2200 titles and growing! In this interview and presentation, David shares some highlights from this fabulous book collection and his passion for origami and origami books. …READ MORE HERE…