Special Bonus -The Joy of Origami

The Joy of Origami Design Course offers something for everyone interested in origami, whether or not you would like to explore origami design principles. In the introductory video you will find answers to the the following frequently-asked questions:

• What is The Joy of Origami design course?
• How did The Joy of Origami design course come about?
• Is The Joy of Origami a course for you?
• How much time does The Joy of Origami require? …READ MORE HERE…

Bonus Video Tutorial – “Mailing Stars”

These Mailing Stars are two variations of an origami figure called “Flor Leyla” designed by Guadalupe (Lupita) Martínez.
These stars are named “Mailing Stars” because they are flat and can be easily mailed in an envelope. To make all these Mailing Stars you need to… …READ MORE HERE…