Does the thought of sharing on Zoom make you feel uncomfortable?

A member of Origamigos said to me “I have really high anxiety about Zoom, and the thought of sharing scares me!”
Then she asked: “Can I just hang out and watch a few meetings before I feel comfortable enough to share?”
My response was “Of course, you can attend and just watch!”
I totally understand Zoom discomfort because I have had that feeling myself. Here I share a personal story with you so that I might help ease those feelings. …READ MORE HERE…

Talk and Tidbits Live Meeting – Anniversary Celebration Sep, 2021

Did you miss this special event? Here are the highlights!
At our live meeting we celebrated the first anniversary of Origamigos. This celebration included our highlights of the month presented in the video featured in this post. Watch it here!
Origamigos were invited to share their origami work, books of interested and any other topic related to origami. The list of shared books is included in this post. Check it out!
We had fun giving away some origami-related items among the people who attended.
At the end we folded together a paper shelf designed by V’Ann Cornelius. CLICK AND TAKE A LOOK! …READ MORE HERE…

Talk and Tidbits Live Meeting –Jul, 2021

Origami Creativity and Origami Books!
NEW! We introduced a new fun feature. Up to three posts a month will have a special recognition from the Origamigos Team. This is called ORIGAMIGOS CHOICE RIBBON. It will be awarded to posts that show particular creativity and playfulness using origami or creating new models. …READ MORE HERE…