Pentagonal Printable Templates and Pattern

This post includes three (3) printable template and patterns:

• TWO documents featuring plain pentagon templates of different sizes to print on a letter-size paper, cut and use for any pentagonal model.
• ONE document featuring a pentagonal printable pattern –designed by Leyla.

All three printables can be used for the Pentagonal Eternal Flame Container or for any other pentagonal origami figure. …READ MORE HERE…

Printable Pattern and Updated Stand-Alone Tutorial: Tiger Head

This printable paper––designed by Leyla Torres––features a tiger pattern and can be used to make the tiger presented in this tutorial.

The video, a special edition for Origamigos, features a Tiger Head model.
This is Leyla’s adaptation of a Puma Head designed by Román Díaz. This stand-alone video refines the adaptation from puma to tiger, which was presented in this video. …READ MORE HERE…

Traditional Origami Snake and Variation

Here you will find instructions to make the units for the body and head for this fun modular origami snake as they are traditionally folded. In addition, you can make a delightful variation for the tail and the head designed by Talo Kawasaki (video and diagrams included). …READ MORE HERE…