Expert Interview –Román Díaz, Origami Designer and Book Author

We had a great conversation with Román Díaz about origami design and his process of creating origami master pieces. View the video in this post.
Román is an accomplished origami designer and a doctor in veterinary medicine. He has been designing origami models since 1997 and has been in connection with the origami community sharing his mastery with generosity and inspiration ever since. As a special guest, Román has been invited to origami conventions throughout the world over the years, including the USA, Great Britain, Japan, and Israel. …READ MORE HERE…

Talk and Tidbits Live Meeting –Mar, 2022

This session includes a video of the highlights of the month. Themes: Month at a Glance, Folds from tutorials shared within Origamigos, Origami Composition and Storytelling, Color and Photography, Exquisite Folding, Origami sightings in the World, ABC to Z Origami challenge highlights (Letters F, G, H and I).

In addition, off camera, we shared about books, resources and a video to make a charming frog, and the exciting coming events.Take a look! …READ MORE HERE…

Expert Interview – Steve Richards

“Your Brain on Origami” a presentation and conversation with Steve Richards.
Steve Richards has been folding paper for more than 50 years. Teaching origami to first graders through adults has been a passion.

Steve holds a B.S. in Botany and Chemistry from Southern Illinois University and specialized in Business Finance at Bradley University.