Special Bonus -The Joy of Origami

The Joy of Origami Design Course offers something for everyone interested in origami, whether or not you would like to explore origami design principles. In the introductory video you will find answers to the the following frequently-asked questions:

• What is The Joy of Origami design course?
• How did The Joy of Origami design course come about?
• Is The Joy of Origami a course for you?
• How much time does The Joy of Origami require? …READ MORE HERE…

Talk and Tidbits Live Meeting –Feb, 2021

Using Origami as a springboard for conversation. Share, and talk. Many Origamigos participated and shared their recent origami work and ideas. Several inspiring ideas, such as the uses of UNFOLDING, a Mobius ring folded by Lisa Dunlap, a special use of kaleidoscopic paper to make a bird, a special crane with a heart. and other fun models and tidbits. …READ MORE HERE…

Printable: Crossword-Puzzle Crane and Video Tutorial

This printable paper features a clue and an answer from a crossword puzzle, which makes reference to the origami crane. When you use it to fold a crane, both the clue and the answer are visible on the wings of the finished crane.
Download HERE this pattern created for Origamigos, the Origami Spirit Membership, by Leyla Torres. …READ MORE HERE…

Expert Interview –Yara Yagi

Yara Yagi, an origami designer from Brazil, shares about her experience with origami design. Her prolific origami creations includes themes such as the human figure, flowers and plants, modulars, and animals.
Yara is of Japanese and Italian ancestry. She has a degree in Language and Letters and has worked as a teacher.
I addition to origami she loves to cook and write letters. She also enjoys starry nights, the smell of rain, fireflies, silence, autumn, playing cards, and chocolate… …READ MORE HERE…